Title: Later Gator: Southern Fried Sass Book #1
Author: Julia Mills
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 26, 2018
Pages: 108 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy
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Welcome to Hairy Wart! Home of the SOUTHERN FRIED SASS DETECTIVE AGENCY and the DRAGONETTES – proof that it’s not the size of the scales but the SASS in the flames that makes the Guardsma…ahem, I mean, Guardswoman. Where the Tofu is always Southern Fried and the Soul Food is vegetarian, ’cause it just wouldn’t be right to eat your neighbors.

When the mood strikes and the need for change is too strong to ignore, most people move to the big city or the mountains, heck, some even head to the beach.
Not me. No way. That would be way too easy. No L.A., Aspen, or Miami for this Witch.

Hairy Wart, LA, is where I landed.

Not only is it the Southern Fried Tofu capital of the world, but this blink-and-you-miss-it ‘burg with a population of Ninety-nine-point-five, (Do not ask.) and a mayor who happens to be a seven-foot Pink Bunny when the mood strikes, just might be the home of the craftiest chicken-napping, rock-wielding crazy killer I’ve ever come up against.

To say I have bitten off more than I can chew is like saying the Grand Canyon is a pothole. However, I absolutely refuse to admit defeat. Especially not with Sherriff Sexy Pants dogging my every step and making me all hot and bothered. Whoever said a Gator Shifter can’t make a couple yards of denim really, really happy they became a pair of Wranglers never met Beauregard St. Croix. He takes a bite outta crime in an up close and personal kinda way that I’m liking a little more every day.

With a mighty swish of my wand and my sisters by my side, I have made it my mission to rid Hairy Wart of all things nefarious and make the streets safe for everybody – scaled, furry, feathered, or otherwise. No case too small, no lawbreaker too evil. We’re here to help!

Bubble, bubble, are you in trouble? Not to worry, we’ll be there on the double. No need to fear. No need to fret. We’re Southern Fried Sass, Baby. We’ll save the day, and my friends, you should take that bet.


Laugh out loud read! Sassy and totally a winner in the paranormal romance genre.

Faith Fairyflower and her half sisters Rosie and Daisy just opened Southern Fried Sass Detective Agency in Hairy Wart LA, yep Hairy Wart (LOL) LA the three sisters are earth witches of different talents and their sperm donor or father as they use the term lightly as he’s a demon is out to populate the world with this hell spawn but thankfully Faith and her sister’s mothers are good witches not dark so they are pure of heart and full of sass!

Upon coming into town, the sisters meet the Sheriff Beau St Croix, a gator shifter and destined mate of Faith they feel the mate pull upon meeting each other and they are trying to fight it the best they can.

There has been a chicken napping, Ms. Henrietta’s babies have been taken and she call’s upon Faith and the ladies of Southern Fried Sass to find them. Henrietta’s partner is Ms. Bunny the 7-foot-tall pink bunny shifter, mayor of Hairy Wart and owner of the only vegan soul food café in Hairy Wart.

This story had me laughing out loud through the entire book, great characters, loved the crazy twists and turns it took me on and the story is priceless.

All Stars and nothing I could say bad about Later Gator: Southern Fried Sass Book #1


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Thank you and Happy Reading!

Michele J