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NEW RELEASE ~ Fallen Princess: Wind Dragons MC Series ~ by Chantal Fernando

Title: Fallen Princess
Series: Wind Dragons MC #10
(Spinoff Standalone)
Author: Chantal Fernando
Publisher: Gallery Books
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 8, 2019
From the New
York Times bestselling author who “knows how to draw you in and keep you
hooked” (Angela Graham, New York Times
bestselling author) comes a compelling tale of family loyalty and budding
romance starring the badass Clover Black as she is forced to choose between
following her heart or keeping her family safe.

Growing up
as the Princess of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club, Clover Black knows she’s
had a thoroughly unique upbringing. As the daughter of the former President of
the club, she’s expected to live a certain kind of life but she does the
unthinkable…she goes to the police academy and becomes a cop. Without her
family knowing.

After being
assigned a new partner, the handsome Felix Banks, a friendship blossoms, but as
Felix teaches her how to be a better cop, she finds herself falling for him,
all while, struggling to keep her two lives separate. Tensions rise when the
truth comes out and it becomes clear that Clover is being used for her
motorcycle club ties.

As things
heat up within the MC and at Clover’s job, she faces a difficult choice—her
love for Felix and the law, or her family and the Wind Dragons. A steamy and
unputdownable romance, Fallen Princess is perfect “for fans of Kristin Ashley,
Julie Ann Walker, and Joanna Wylde, and those who are heartbroken that
television’s Sons of Anarchy has ended” (Booklist).
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Author Bio

New York Times, Amazon & USA Today Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando is thirty-one years old and lives in Western Australia.
Lover of all things romance, Chantal is the author of the best selling books Dragon’s Lair, Maybe This Time and many more.
When not reading, writing or daydreaming she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family.
Chantal loves to hear from readers.
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Book Review – Almost: Iron Orchids Book #2 by Danielle Norman


For ten years Sophie has held on to her memories of Deputy Carter Lang and resigned herself to never seeing him again; after all she had disappeared without a trace.
Some people are unforgettable.
Like, the first sheriff that pulled you over for speeding.
The first person to kiss you senseless on the hood of a car.
And, the first guy to make you…
But, when all of those things are from the same man; let’s just say unforgettable doesn’t even come close.

Sophie wonders if he ever thought of her and everything they ALMOST had?
Because now she is headed back to where it all began.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out.
And Sophie learns that Carter definitely remembers and he’s prepared to put his money where his mouth is…



Great second book in the series, love all the characters especially when they are together causing trouble in the best possible way.  Stella and Ringo are hilarious, I just love them!

Almost is about Sophia Kostas and Carter Lang who met when Sophie was speeding and Carter stopped her to give her a warning, she was only 17 to his 20.  He would pull her over to talk every time he saw her driving by, they kept it completely platonic since Sophie was not yet 18.  On her birthday that changed, he gave her a present and her first orgasm.  Sophie just found out she had breast cancer and without letting anyone, except her Mom and her best friend Leo know about her diagnosis, she headed to California to deal with it on her own.

Ten years later Sophie is moving back to Florida, back home to her family the Christakos’, Leo and her Mom.  Sophie is in remission but due to the treatments used she can no longer have children of her own.  She loves kids and to compensate for the loss of never having her own she writes children’s books and she is good at it.  Sophie and Leo hang out and she is introduced to Ariel who is engaged to her cousin Kayson, Stella and Piper.  She doesn’t know that Stella is Carter’s sister.  They are at Sixes a bar where the Iron Orchids hang out, an all-female riding club.  Carter walks in and 10 years seems like only a day for Sophie, but for Carter it’s all the pain and heartbreak of not knowing what happened it her and the longing for the love he holds for her.  He’s rude and says some mean things to her.

The Orange County Sherriff’s Department was having a gala to raise money for the spouses of fallen officers and Ariel convinced Sophie to be auctioned off for a dinner date with her.  Carter won the dinner date and they agreed to start fresh, leaving the hurt behind and get to know each other again.  Next think we know it’s been over a week and things are going great.

Then a drunken mistake Carter made six years ago in Las Vegas throws them apart, Carter met a woman named Ivey who was from Florida, they spent ten days drunk and having wild nights together, on the night before they were to fly back to Florida, they reenacted parts of the movie “The Hangover”, disrupted a wedding at a wedding chapel then they decided to have fun and get married they were really drunk.  They went their separate ways until Carter got a phone call to get to the hospital there was an emergency.  He and Sophie get to ORMC and they find out that Carter’s wife died after giving birth to a premature baby after she and her daughters were brought in from a car accident.  Before they can find out anything Sophie leaves after hearing that Carter was married.  Stella is there with him when he meets his daughter Harlow, who looks like a mini Stella and her sister Gianna.  Carter met with Tristan in the pediatric ICU to see the baby that was just born, who he names Avril Stella.  Even though he’s not Gianna and Avril’s biological father he is listed on their birth certificates and Ivey just knowing Carter for 10 days knew that he was a protector at heart and would take care of all her girls if anything happened to her.

If Sophie want’s Carter he is now a package deal, him and the three girls and of course he named the baby the name that she said she would have given her own daughter if she was able to have children.  With the help of friends and the large Greek Christakos family Carter and Sophie get their own happily ever after Greek style of course.

Next up for me is Impact, Damon and Katy’s story and of course we get to see little Bee, who is Katy’s daughter again, remember her from her visits with Carter watching the clouds at the rec center.  Bee becomes best friends with Harlow and Gianna.  Can’t wait.


To pick up your copy of this book please click on the link below to get your copy from Amazon on the Kindle Store.



Enough – Iron Orchids Book #1 this is Ariel and Kayson’s story

Impact – Iron Orchids Book #3 Katy and Damon’s story

Often – Iron Orchids Book #4 Leo and Ian’s story

Until – Iron Orchids Book #5 Stella and Tristan’s story

Than you and Happy Reading!

Michele J

Book Review – Enough: Iron Orchids Book #1 by Danielle Norman


For Ariel Beaumont there were some things in life that were inevitable. Like death, taxes, and lying, cheating men. 
She believed that one woman would never be enough for one man.
So she traded in men for a Harley. 
She soon discovered that nothing beats that kind of power between your legs.
But then she blinked and he was there. 
For Kayson Christakos some things in life had become inevitable; like death, taxes, and badge bunnies willing to hop into his bed.
The only problem was he was a one-woman kind of man; he just hadn’t found that one woman…yet.
As a deputy, in his line of work, he’d seen it all.
Nothing much bothers him until he finds a woman’s wrecked body.
When she blinked her gorgeous green eyes his world was changed.
Forever won’t come close to giving him enough of her.


This is the first book I read of Danielle’s and I was hoping for an entertaining read and that’s exactly what I got plus I got more!  Great characters, funny twists, love the Greek family unit and how close everyone is. 

At first sight Kayson Christakos is head over heals, for Ariel Beaumont after rescuing her from an attack, he’s an off-duty motorcycle deputy with the Orange County sheriff’s department, picking up a Mother’s Day gift for his mom, when he was walking out of the mall her heard someone screaming for help and her finds Ariel and chases away her attackers.

Ariel loves riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle and was practicing riding it around the parking lot at the Mall of Millenia in Orlando, when two guys come right after her, they scare her and end up hurting her, she ends up in the ORMC getting stitches in her lip and forehead.  She can’t figure out who would want to hurt her.  Ariel’s friend Stella is a nurse at the ORMC and happens to be her nurse.  She met Stella at the Harley Davidson Dealer they are both taking the training to get their motorcycle licenses.

Three months after the attack Stella takes Ariel to an event put on by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, she meets Leo a mechanic at the Harley place and Piper who is a trying to become a motorcycle deputy.  They are talking Harley’s and checking out all the men, and discussing starting an all-women’s riding club.  Kayson, and his brother’s Damon, Ian, Tristan and Carter who is Stella’s brother and a motorcycle deputy with Kayson are also at the event and after three months Kayson was still attracted to Ariel, he hopes she’s single now, because when he went to visit her three months ago it looked like she was with someone as a man was hugging her and calling her sweetheart when he was going to walk into her hospital room, he stopped and left not wanting to cause any problems. Ariel finally meets Kayson at the event, she was disappointed when he did not come by the hospital to see her like his doctor brother Tristan said he would, but now here he is and he’s HOT!

Kayson tries to take Ariel out for a date but when they are sitting at the restaurant, he gets a call that he must into work.  He doesn’t want to leave but its work and being a deputy is important.  Ariel ends up at Sixes with Stella and Leo.  Doing shots and bad-mouthing men, Piper shows up and tells her that Kayson really was at the sheriff’s office, but with the alcohol the damage has been done to her ego and heart. After several shots they come up with the name of their riding group “Iron Orchids”.  Kayson shows up at the bar and end up driving her home and taking care of her drunkenness.  Kayson wins her back with this thoughtfulness, kindness and him being sex on a stick doesn’t hurt.

With some trouble that’s following Ariel and the crazy things Ariel, Stella, Leo, Piper got into this is a page-turning.  Kayson is amazing and so sexy with his need to protect and love Ariel

I absolutely L-O-V-E and I do mean I love Ringo and the entire Banana’s drag show is hilarious, I absolutely love all the characters in this book, minus the badge bunnies but not everyone is good or nice all the time.

Thank you, Danielle, for brings the Iron Orchids to life and doing it in such an amazing way.  Looking forward to Almost: Iron Orchid’s Book #2, Carter and Sophie’s story.  Sophie is Kayson’s cousin so look forward to more Christakos’ in “Almost”.


To pick up your copy of this book please click on the link below to get your copy from Amazon on the Kindle Store.



Almost – Iron Orchids Book #2 this is Sophie and Carter’s story

Impact – Iron Orchids Book #3 Katy and Damon’s story

Often – Iron Orchids Book #4 Leo and Ian’s story

Until – Iron Orchids Book #5 Stella and Tristan’s story

Than you and Happy Reading!

Michele J

Book Review – HOT Justice: A Hostile Operations Team Series Standalone by Lynne Raye Harris


She’s searching for justice. He’s searching for peace.
What they need is each other. They just don’t know it yet…

Dean “Wolf” Garner is the kind of guy who loves hard and leaves fast. From the moment he rescues reporter Haylee Jamison in the Guatemalan jungle, he can’t stop thinking about the dark-haired beauty. His life is too complicated for romantic entanglements though—and not even a woman like Haylee can convince him otherwise.

Haylee wasn’t supposed to be in the drug cartel’s compound, but she was captured while on a mission of her own: find the trail of fake opioids entering the US and halt the operation. Back home in DC, Haylee can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous military operative who rocked her world for one steamy night before leaving. But when she uncovers a conspiracy and finds herself in danger, there’s only one man she trusts to keep her safe.

It’s easy for Wolf to risk his life to protect Haylee and give her the justice she desires. The hard part is taking a chance and admitting what’s in his heart before it’s too late.

Before he loses the best thing that’s ever happened to him.


Dean Garner aka Wolf is just trying to do his job as a member of the HOT, Hostile Operations Team, and helping his parents financially, so they can gain custody of his niece and nephew while his sister is battling her opioid addiction from when she broke her back, barrel racing. It’s what he does, helps. 

Haylee Jamison lost Nichole, her best friend when she ODed on fake opioids, drugs made by a Mexican cartel and shipped to the US and given to people who are desperate to relieve their pain.   Haylee was in Guatemala to do research on the Juarez Cartel when she was kidnapped with some dentists doing missionary work.  Wolf and his team go in and rescue them. When they get back to the US base in El Salvador, Wolf’s team is stuck there due to weather and the team spends time in a common room with the dental group and Haylee. Since Haylee first saw Wolf there had been an electrical attraction between them.  They eat some pizza, drink some beer, laugh, talk and end up playing some pool.  They like each other and one thing leads to another and Haylee has her first one-night stand with Wolf. They part ways the next morning.

Running into each other several months later, Haylee is angry that Wolf seems to think after no contact for two months that he can still tell her what to do, he’s trying to keep her safe, again it’s what he does.  But the more time that goes by the more he realizes there is something more going on between him and Haylee. He has never wanted a woman so bad and yet he wants to keep her at a distance to protect his own heart.

Things get HOT, and not just with the team, Haylee and Wolf explode into a hot and heavy romance, after on of Oscar Silva’s men pays her a visit at her home, he knows to much about Haylee’s kidnapping and rescue and she’s scared.

This book took me on an adventure through the jungles of Guatemala and the streets and back rooms of D.C.  I loved every second of it.  And I didn’t see that final twist coming.  LOVED this book!

Goodreads Review:

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