Title: In Her Sights: Away From Keyboard Series Book #2
Author: Patricia D. Eddy
Publisher: PageCurl Publishing
Publication Date: April 17, 2018
Pages: 230 pages
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Paperback $7.99 link to order – https://amzn.to/2TkGByq
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One moment.

Two lives.

Their last chance for love.

Inara’s never second-guessed a shot, not until the disaster in Colombia—the disaster that led to Coop’s death.

Drifting, off balance, her emotions out-of-control, she has to pull it together before she’s benched for good.

Royce understands Inara’s pain. A stroke may have broken his body, but a mountain of guilt crushed his soul. He needs to pick up the shattered pieces of his life and rebuild. He’s a fighter, but sometimes even the strongest warrior needs help from someone special.

When Inara’s past threatens Royce’s future, she has to take a stand. Love is a battle, and a good soldier commits fully.

Can Inara pull the trigger when it matters most?

And if so, can she live with the consequences?


I was given Second Sight: Away From Keyboard Book #4 by Patricia D. Eddy as an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) from Give Me Book Promotions, this book releases on March 12, 2019, I voluntarily read and reviewed this book as it is book #2 in the series for the new release coming up.

I liked this book, I would recommend that you read book 1 in the series prior to reading this book, due to continuation of characters. I found the action was at a good steady pace throughout the book while the romance kind of came second to what was happening, Inara and Royce are perfect for each other. Neither one having been in a relationship before makes it perfect for them.

Inara and Royce are set up by Cam and West almost everyone in this book is ex-military which gives them something more in common. Inara is of middle-eastern and British decent and after 9/11 felt the hatred of people who at one point liked her, now disgusted, she remembers when her Mother was mugged, beaten and stabbed on her way home from the store. Growing up in America and then being treated like public enemy number one would be hard for anyone. Royce was Cam’s CO and best friend and they are slowly working their way back to that.

Royce must deal with several health issues and as a programmer ends up helping Alzheimer’s patients with a tracking app he’s working on while recuperating from brain surgery and having a stroke. He’s been dealing with the tumor for 3 years but the surgery to remove it was a success now life can move on, hopefully with a relationship with Inara.

Inara and Royce are hot together, the chemistry bursts the pages into a blaze when they are at it and Royce doesn’t do vanilla sex add a little kink and he’s a happy man, leather and tying Inara up and he’s done!

Doubt has a huge place in this book and I’m glad to see it get’s put away at the end because it has no place in a love story of any kind.

Getting ready for book 3 Ryker’s story now.


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Thank you and Happy Reading!

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