Title: Breaking His Code: Away From Keyboard Series Book #1
Author: Patricia D. Eddy
Publisher: PageCurl Publishing
Publication Date: July 24, 2017
Pages: 192 pages
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“It was easier to run away than watch another guy decide I’m too much trouble—too broken or too slow or too…me. I didn’t understand we couldn’t go back to being just friends. Or…that I didn’t want to. ”

Camilla Delgado. Computer genius. Former explosives ordinance expert. Wounded on the dusty roads of Afghanistan, she exchanged her dreams of adventure for a life behind a computer. Trapped by her cane—and her scars—Cam avoids the “real” world whenever she can.
Until her newest online gaming buddy asks her out for coffee.
West, a former Navy SEAL, looks more like a cover model for Men’s Health than a human being. And his slight drawl? Hotter than the espresso Cam spills down her shirt.
But Cam doesn’t do charming. And all of her instincts scream, “RUN!”
West doesn’t understand what he said—or did—to drive his sexy and smart gaming partner away. She set him ablaze, and nothing can put out these flames.
Unable to forget the man who saw her and not her scars, Cam lets West draw her out of her shell.
Now, she’s hot on the trail of a hacker threatening her career while navigating the minefield of falling in love.
When ghosts from West’s past and fears for the future threaten, will Cam find the courage to lower her defenses and let him in?
BREAKING HIS CODE is a standalone romantic suspense featuring the men and women of Emerald City Security and Hidden Agenda K&R. Meet these former military heroes and computer geniuses who’ll show you just how steamy and heart-wrenching love can be.
Can broken be beautiful?
Hell, yes.


A●R●C ~ I was given Second Sight: Away From Keyboard Book #4 by Patricia D. Eddy as an Advanced Readers Copy (A●R●C) from Give Me Book Promotions, this book releases on March 12, 2019, I voluntarily read and reviewed this book as it is book #1 in the series for the new release coming up.

I loved this first book in the series, Breaking His Code: Away From Keyboard Book #1. I liked that the leads both had to learn to trust in order to make a relationship work. Usually we read about how one person needs to work twice as hard as the other to make a relationship work but when they both need to work equally as hard it works for me.

For Cam trusting is something she doesn’t do with anyone, since her family kicked her out especially after she was blown up while in the military, everyone shares with her, but she shares with no one until Sampson West. Gamers make such strange bedfellows. Women game just as much as men, it’s just not something we see everyday and Cam AKA Camilla Delgado works had and plays hard. She also gives back to her fellow vets with chat rooms, forums, information, etc. I want to be like Cam when I grow up. She’s there for her fellow Vets with whatever information she a give them even if it’s just someone to talk to.
Both being Vets with PTSD is hard enough but add trust issues and it’s a rough relationship but love always finds a way.

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