Title: Torch: Devil Souls MC Book #1
Author: LeAnn Ashers
Publisher: CreativeSpace Independent Publishing Plateform
Publication Date: December, 8 2016
Pages: 224 pages
Price: Kindle eBook $2.99 link to order – https://amzn.to/2ExrE2Z
Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41024480-torch
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One moment, one ordinary day changed my life and led me to my forever.

Three guys tried to kidnap me.

One man saved me.

I was beyond scared. Being blind, I was already terrified of my every move, the unknown frightening.

His name is Torch. Once he decided I was his, he didn’t let me go. Torch became everything to me: my protector, my safe haven, my husband, lover, and most of all, the father to my babies. He made me see that I didn’t have to be afraid of my every step, because he would always be there to catch me before I fell.

Torch is the Vice President of the Devils Souls MC. The men are violent and scary, but I learned to trust them, because above everything else, their women are protected. They became my family. My only family.


I was given Devil Souls MC Boxset by LeAnn Ashers as an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) from Enticing Journey Book Promotions. This review is my thoughts on the book and the review and words are all mine!

Torch is book 1 in the Devil Souls MC Boxset by Leann Ashers

Torch is the Vice President of the Devil Souls MC he was going by an saw a woman being taken from the front of a store, little does he know she is blind and is scared to death no one will help her. Kayla was born blind but nothing that has hurt her life, she has adapted to her inability to see, she lives life to the fullest as an author of romantic books.

Right after her attempted kidnapping she has to stay with Torch because the men got her ID with her address on it and it’s not hard to follow a blind person. She is an easy target for this gang who is doing human trafficking!
With many twists and turns this book is an adventure in love and the abilities of modern medicine.
Grab your copy today! I purchased mine before I had the opportunity to Review the Devil Souls MC Boxset! Way to keep it real Leann Ashers!


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