Title: Tagan’s Child: Tagan Series Book #1
Author: Amelia Ford
Publisher: Carroll Publishing 2nd edition
Publication Date: June 2, 2014
Pages: 338 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0992988272
Price: Kindle Unlimited Free eBook or $2.04 link to order – https://amzn.to/2tpFPRf
Paperback: $11.63 link to order – https://amzn.to/2X1ZofY
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“Beautifully written, lovable, intriguing characters and vivid scene setting.”

She is a young woman trying to put the tragedy of her past behind her. He is a modern-day warrior with a promise to fulfil. Two people thrown together even though their worlds couldn’t be further apart.

When Sophie McAllister finds a handsome stranger on her doorstep, nothing can prepare her for the news he is about to deliver. What follows is the disintegration of a life she has carefully rebuilt. When catastrophe strikes, she is left with little choice other than to put her trust in Ahran Elessar, her mysterious visitor who harbours an extraordinary secret. Together they embark on a journey that not only threatens everything she holds dear, but also challenges her innermost fears. Does Sophie have the courage to defy her enemies, face her demons and open her heart to a man who promises a future that is out of this world?


Nice characters and well written. The words just flow off the pages, I didn’t want to put out down after I started reading.
Thank you Amelia Ford!

Sophie McAllister is the Aunt and guardian of her eight year old orphaned nephew, Toby.
Sophie knows Toby is special, but she doesn’t know just how special he truly is until a man by the name of Ahran Elessar shows up claiming to be Toby’s Father’s cousin and was sent to protect them both from some very bad people who are after Toby for revenge against his Father Tagan, whom he’s never met.
Some bad things start to happen to people around Sophie and Toby so she has no choice but to accept Ahren’s offer of protection, only it’s too late Toby’s already been kidnapped.
This story takes us to a parallel universe and some amazingly beautiful people.
Take this adventure with Sophie and Ahren to search for Toby and to see just how their attraction for each other works out!

Hope you enjoy This book as much as I have.

Thank you and Happy Reading!

Michele J