Title: Renegade: Phoenix Rising Book #2
Author: Brynley Blake
Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Brazen)
Publication Date: August 28, 2017
Pages: 238 pages
ISBN: 13 9781640631656
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Gemma Ward, an outgoing and strong-willed wedding photographer, goes through men like she goes through thongs, forever looking for a guy who can handle her. She’s about given up on love when she meets Declan, the sophisticated father of one of her clients. He’s perfect for her, if only she can convince him she’s not too young and inexperienced to meet his singularly erotic tastes.

Then, like an answered prayer, Walker Kincaid shows up, looking for a place to stay while he investigates allegations surrounding the death of his SEAL brother, Liam Prescott. If anyone can tutor her in the art of the kind of power play Declan wants, it’s Walker, her best friend and partner in crime since high school.

But what starts as friendly lessons in forbidden pleasure soon turns into something more…leaving Gemma to wonder if the lover she’s been looking for has been right in front of her all along. Brynley


HOT and STEAMY with a side of WOW! What more could toy say about the sexy writing of Blake in this book, Renegade, book 2 I’d the Phoenix Rising series.  Best friends, should they possibly jeopardize that friendship trying for more?  

Gemma Ward and Walker Kinkaid have been best friends since their junior year of high school.  Walker is always there to help Gemma with any issue that arises in her life and when Gemma thinks McKenzie’s in danger, she contacts him to help. McKenzie’s brother Liam’s death has been hard on their little group, especially when had things start to happen to McKenzie, shot at, almost kidnapped, just to name a few. To help McKenzie and Noah finish Liam’s Bucket List to see if they can find any proof that Liam did not steal guns to sell to a Mexican cartel, Walker and Gemma are following the US locations on Liam’s bucket list, while McKenzie and Noah (from Rogue: Phoenix Rising Book 1) follow the out of US locations like diving with sharks in Malaysia and setting the northern lights.

Gemma and Walker are headed to the west coast to take a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, they have also gone to a Tiki Bar that was on the bucket list which had over 150 kinds of rum, got drunk and things between them started to heat up.  While on this adventure Gemma wants Walkers help to learn about BDSM and what the roles of dominate and submissive are,  she has met someone,  Declan Campbell, who is the father of a bride who has hired the “Tying the Knot” wedding planning team of McKenzie, wedding dress design,  Charlotte,  wedding planner and Gemma,  wedding photographer and videographer for his daughters wedding needs.  Declan is a dominate looking for a submissive and will not waste his time if Gemma isn’t interested, so Gemma had asked Walker who she assumes is a Dom after seeing a BDSM video on his computer.  Walker was doing research into a club that was on Liam’s list, but when Gemma asked for him to teach her, he can’t say no and the already off the chart’s chemistry between the two best friends burns hotter with every second they are in each other’s company. 

Bucket List for Gemma and Walker

  • Tiki Bar
  • Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Dominion (BDSM Bar)

Does a friendship of over 9 years become more than friends? Will it last? Grab your copy to find out!

Loved the characters the story line and plot twists, I thought Declan was an overbearing ass but that is just my opinion.


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Thank you and Happy Reading!

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