Title: Rogue: Phoenix Rising Book #1
Author: Brynley Blake
Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Brazen)
Publication Date: May 15, 2017
Pages: 242 pages
ASIN: B07169K165
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Paperback: $14.99 link to order – https://amzn.to/2tbC027
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Reeling from the death of her daring Navy SEAL brother, reserved McKenzie Prescott decides to honor him in the only way she can think of—by finishing his bucket list. Suddenly, she’s doing things she’s never dreamed of—like jumping off waterfalls… and inviting the intoxicating stranger she meets in Las Vegas to help her with some of the more racy items on the list…

Noah Payne used to be a Navy SEAL… until his job cost him his family. Now he wants revenge, and he’s not above playing dirty to get it. His current mission—to find a missing shipment of guns—is the last piece of the puzzle. But his only lead is Liam Prescott’s bucket list. Noah figures that by getting close to Liam’s sister, McKenzie, he’ll soon get his hands on the list. Only keeping his hands off a suddenly sexy McKenzie is turning out to be the real challenge!


What a HOT military adventure for a mild-mannered woman who always plays it safe or at least she use to and a man full of revenge and grief. Join in their globe-trotting adventure.

McKenzie Prescott’s brother Liam died while he was on a mission in Afghanistan, Liam was a Navy SEAL and a huge adrenaline junkie / daredevil. McKenzie is a wedding dress designer who is a bit more safety conscious than her brother was, but she is trying to complete his bucket list, waterfall diving, scuba diving, swimming with sharks, join the mile-high club, sail around the Philippine Islands, etc.…

Noah Payne lost his family while he was in the SEALs, now he’s on a mission of revenge to get the people who killed his family. He’s working with a cartel member, until he meets McKenzie in Las Vegas, he’s following her to find some guns her brother Liam stole and hidden, he thinks McKenzie might know where they were, but he soon finds out she doesn’t know anything about the stolen guns or anything that Liam was into.

Chemistry is strong between McKenzie and Noah and with some dangerous twists and adventurous turns can they find their happily ever after or will they just be strangers who met one night?

Great story, amazing characters and well thought out twists. Can there be a happy medium between living on the edge and sitting in the seats?
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Renegade: Phoenix Rising Book #2

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Resurgent: Phoenix Rising Book #3
February 12, 2019

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