Try to forget.
It’s easier said than done.

My past—violently haunts my dreams.
My present—belongs to an MC. My brothers, my support, my family, my life.

But what if you left someone behind?
You failed them.
And set in motion a series of events no one could have predicted.
But in deserting him, you found her.
A constant. A guiding light. A connection that can’t possibly not be right.
Or is it?
This story isn’t just two souls finding their connection—it’s lust, treachery, misery, and brutality.

Vengeance—will thrill you.

But will I be able to gain my acceptance?




5 out of 5 stars, KE Osborn has brought another level of amazing to the Chicago Defiance MC Series with Acceptance book #5.
Ty aka Chains was tortured from a young boy until he was able to run away at 16. The Sovereign, an underground group going back years they are into trafficking, laundering hits, gambling, whores, child slavery, dog fights any and everything they are into. You are born into the sovereign from father to son are trained through rigorous torture techniques to teach obedience, there are no choices but follow or die, everyone in Sovereign has gone through it so it is a cruel cycle.
When Ty ran away from his torture, he was found by Rebecca Kline a 16-year-old girl walking the park with her Mom, Abilene Kline, they take Ty and find him a foster home in their home, then at 18 Ty finds the Defiance MC and prospects, it’s the brotherhood and friendship he never had growing up. Rebecca or Bex became a doctor so she could make sure that Ty now known as Chains always had someone to take care of him. And she became the MC’s Doctor. Chains and Bex from the first minute of meeting each other knew that their relationship would be special, they got each other, could read the other’s moods and just be there for the other, 19 years is a long time to know someone to be their best friend.
19 years after Ty ran, he spots his old friend Luc on the street, Luc was supposed to run with Ty, but he didn’t, he knew if they both left, they would be hunted down, because no one left the Sovereign. Ty tracks Luc down and tries to help him escape like he did 19 years ago.
At the end of Book #4 Sufferance, Chains kissed Bex, in front of the entire MC. Their feelings for each other have been showing for years, but they each finally are seeing the other in a different role then sibling or best friend, now lover is more what they are seeing. Will Abi and Will Kline, Bex’s parents accept their foster son as Bex’s boyfriend? Can everyone at the MC accept their relationship? What if Chain loses everything, his family his club if they don’t accept him and Bex as a couple? It’s a complicated twist to fall in love with a foster sibling even though they only lived under the same roof for a couple of years, they are still family no matter what. Just not biologically.
I loved the twists and turns of what Chain was thinking or not thinking about regarding his relationship with Bex and how they overcame the so-called obstacles to be together.


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May 2019

Thank you and Happy Reading!

Michele J