I’m used to getting my hands dirty. During the day it’s mud and grime on the construction site. At night…it’s the blood I spill. A drug lord’s enforcer does what needs to be done. It’s my obedience, my loyalty to the boss that keeps my family alive.

I know I’m teetering on the edge. I’m losing my humanity, I can feel it. It’s changing me, and it’s only a matter of time before the darkness takes over.

Then I meet her. Liv. The only person who sees past my busted knuckles and brutal exterior. She sees…me. But being with me will get her killed. The only way I can keep her safe is by staying away. Until her own actions catapult her into the center of my world—a world which will swallow her whole.

Now I’m forced to be the ruthless bastard I’ve been for so long. Only this time it’s not to destroy…but to defend.




Thank you, Jen Davis, for this wonderful read.
Great characters, Brick Barlow aka Jonathan is the strong muscle who has a heart, he’s being used by an evil man to hurt people, collect money, sell drugs and fight in bare-knuckles matches. Brick keeps everyone away so Sucre can’t use them against him. Until he saw Olivia Turner, Olivia or Liv is a good solid, moral person, she teaches high school English and she’s gone through fighting for her life against cancer. She’s a fighter, butt she was afraid to really live before now with a new lease on life and her best friend Carol, she’s learning really live a full and happy life with no regrets. Isobel aka Izzy is Liv’s older sister, she’s strong physically and emotionally, she owns a gym and teaches self-defense and Krav Maga classes, Will Liv’s older brother, looks like the all-American guy next door, but he just got out of prison, was in for ten years. Will works with Brick on the same crew at the construction company, that’s how Liv and Brick met. Carol is Liv’s witty best friend who is hiding a secret. Kane is the bad boy biker who Brick works with at the construction company and they become friends. Robby the foreman’s assistant at the construction company who is in his early twenties, friendly and gay, Robby looks up to Brick like a big brother. Sucre de la Cruz is the manipulative evil crime boss who pushes Brick and threatens everyone Brick cares about to keep Brick under his thumb. Tre is not just evil, he is a pure sociopath. He is depraved and demented and such a twisted psychopath. Tre started working for Sucre as hired thug or muscle, but he loves to hurt people, he is also the older brother of Devon. Devon is an amazing student in Liv’s English class as a junior, but he doesn’t come back to school his senior year because he is being recruited by Sucre.
The cast is set, and the story is a nice blend of doing what you should do, doing as your told to do, no matter what and protecting those you love with everything in you. Does Brick and Liv get their HEA? Grab your copy of Brick and see what you think.


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Kane: Cooper Construction Book #2

Thank you and Happy Reading!

Michele J