Abandoned by her parents and left to raise two sisters, Sadie Dixon has spent her life sacrificing for her family. When the eldest son of the rich Dumont family, Ashton, wins her heart and hand in marriage, he showers her with every advantage money can buy. But when their worlds collide, Sadie faces the first sacrifice she isn’t sure she can make: leaving her family and lifelong dreams of owning a bakery behind for the man she loves.




This is the first book I’ve read written by Ciara Knight and it is a sweet contemporary romance that keeps your interest from the first word to the last.

Sassy Southern Charm and amazing family values for three young women who had a dead-beat dad and their mom up and walked out of their live eight years ago when the oldest was only 17 going on 18.  Sadie Dixon took care of her two younger sisters Avery and Zoey after their mom walked out on them eight years ago but Sadie would say they all took care of each other.  This book has strong family ties and a down to earth approach that money does not buy you happiness, which I can appreciate and try to emulate in my own life.  The love shown between Ashton and Sadie made my heart feel the love that the author was going for.

Excellent story, amazing characters that most of them were down to earth and lovable, and others I loved to hate Mrs. Dumont.

I would recommend this as a nice sweet romance that was a quick read and enjoyable.


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Thank you and Happy Reading!

Michele J