Former Green Beret turned FBI Tactical Commander Joshua Wheeler is a Man Eater trained as a killing machine for those jobs the government doesn’t acknowledge. Wheeler brings something different into our new EROP office and everyone notices but him.

Following orders is all he knows. He doesn’t need opinions muddying up the waters. His new job and family are more than he’d hoped for and after a year of acclimation, he’s ready to find his woman. Another job that he plans on succeeding at. Kimberly is in trouble. She just doesn’t know it. If it’s not terrorists, the CIA or FBI, it’s Wheeler. A lying ex made her life a whining country song. She’s playing it straight and hoping for the best.

Bombs, overseas Ops and new players are added to our growing cast. Come see how the golden girls are growing too. The FBI’s Enhanced Resident Office of Providence is waiting for you.




Once again L. Ann Marie has out done herself. Every book in every series gets better.

Joshua Wheeler was always all about the job and maybe a companion, someone that understands his job and is loyal.  He thought he found that companion until she was looking for the next best thing when they were out and upon seeing how Commander Saber and Cassidy are with each other he realized there can be more, so he asks Cassidy to help him write up a small book on what to look for and what to do to find that someone special.  And he writes it up, with Cassidy pointing him to the internet regarding things of a sexual nature, but she helped with everything else.

Then while on a mission that a school is being attacked, he meets Kimberly Vargas who is working as a principle at a school that caters to DC’s politicians, dignitaries and of course the Alphabet’s, CIA, FBI and Homeland.  Until there is an attack at her school, and it looks like a set up to the EROP and to Kimberly Vargas who previously worked SAD/SOG and even worked an assignment or two with Commander Rafael Saber, she knows this attack at the school is the CIA trying to recruit her by their dirty tactics of blackmail and coercion. Kimberly askes him out for a drink and he says to meet him at the bar that he and Ford own.

They hit it off and don’t want the night to end, but work comes the next day for all.  He invites her to Commander Saber’s for an outing that Saber throws for the teams, BBQ, obstacle courses, archery all the fun stuff.   Vargas runs into Rafael and they talk about the possibility that she is being set up by the CIA to be recruited and before she sees Wheeler, she leaves so the EROP can start an investigation and he would not be compromised, her only concern was for him.

After Wheeler and him team fix the problems the CIA has created for Kimberly an found a double agent in the CIA who was selling information to Russia, Kimberly with her dog Molly move in with Wheeler and Ford above the bar and Vargas gets a job offer from Rafael to join EROP and work on the investigators team under Dallas Perez.

The same cast of crazy characters are in this second book in the Providence Series.  Joshua Wheeler is an On-Site Commander of Porthos Ops team and he’s from the Green Berets.  Kimberly Vargas, former SAD/SOG and will be working in the EROP office with the Investigators.   Rafael Saber ESAC or Enhanced Special Agent in Charge for the EROP office is married to Cassidy Warner now Saber who is an Assistant DA.  Harper Lecompte who is a Forensics/ME for Wheeler’s (Porthos) team also Military Forensics/ME from FBI DC, Harper is Cassidy’s sister and Myrna’s daughter, Myrna Lecompte – Cassidy and Harper’s mom, she is affectionately referred to as one of the golden girls she works in Wheeler and Ford’s bar during the day, Stella is Parker’s mom and Myrna’s best friend, she is also a golden girl.  Parker is the Office clerk in DA’s office with Cassidy and Donna, he’s also Stella’s son.  Donna was a Corporate Lawyer but is now an Assistant DA with Cassidy and she’s Cassidy’s best friend.  Helen Saber is Rafael’s mom, she’s also new friends with Myrna and Stella and the third golden girl. Henry Vargas is Kimberly’s Dad and widower, who has an eye on Rafael’s Mom Helen. Dallas Perez was Providence FBI, he’s an On-site Commander of the Investigator team, Personnel agent for EROP was Assistant SAC for NY FBI field office and was a top-level prosecutor.   Ford was from the SEALs, he is now On-Site Commander of Aramis Ops team.  That’s just a few of the many lively characters you will read about in this book and the entire series.


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