Keep her mouth shut and let a killer get revenge or risk the truth about her coming out?

Daisy Xander has spent her entire life trying to hide who she really is and where she’s come from. But no matter how many measures she has taken and how many sacrifices she has made the truth is about to come out and she’s already chosen how she’s going to deal with it—she’s going to let herself get killed.

For Mark Xander life keeps getting worse and worse. Left to raise his four kids alone, then his youngest son comes face to face with a killer, and his estranged wife seems to have a relationship with the victim. Daisy won’t tell anyone what’s going on and when more victims keep falling it soon becomes clear, Daisy is either involved or she’s on the killer’s list.

** Warning: Graphic violence and themes of sexual assault/abuse **




I am not a fan of crime, serial killer type stories, especially one involving kids, anyone who has not voted deserves to live a full life so when I read stories / books with harm done to children or teenagers I don’t like them, I get very defensive right away, especially a black market on selling babies from runaway young girls who are caged and basically treated like animals.  But with all that said, I finished the book and overall the story was good, nice plot twists and good well written characters, even if some of the characters are evil and twisted, but they do make some great plot twists in the story.

A young boy named Tony, finds the body of a middle school principal after the principal was tortured and murdered after his mother failed to pick him up for a breakfast that was scheduled so they could spend time together.  Tony’s Mom Daisy Xander left her family about six months ago after receiving a letter letting her know that if she went to the police her family would be harmed.  Daisy’s husband Mark Xander is a Trauma Surgeon at the area hospital and his two brothers are detectives with the police department, so leaving her family was really her only option unless she told her deepest darkest secret that her family, Mother, Father, Brothers, Aunt and Uncle and cousin all kidnapped runaway girls and used them in trafficking black market babies to couples who would spend a great deal of money for a child. Daisy found out about her family’s evil doings when she turned 13, every member of the family was brought into the business at 13 years of age.  This made Daisy sick and she knew it was wrong, so she went to a teacher at her school and asked him for help, she even showed him a picture of a young girl in a cage holding her newborn baby.  The teacher Caden Gervase contacted the police and social services and her family home was raided.  Her family the Allen/Hayden’s fought back with guns and basically committed suicide via police.  Daisy’s cousin Liam escaped after rescuing one of the girls and Daisy and her younger brother Thorne who was 11 were put into foster care until they aged out.

Twenty-five years later and someone if coming after Daisy and six others, the teacher, Caden Gervase, (the principal that Tony found) the social worker, Maddie Pickle, the two police who ended up shooting Daisy’s family, Devon Paddy and Belinda Jersey, Liam, Daisy’s cousin and the escaped runaway Katrina.  Who would want these Seven dead?  And who is still running the baby market that the Allen/Hayden families were running?

Will Daisy’s husband and kids be able to understand why she had to leave them to protect them?ޓ

Who survives who is completely mental and evil, get a copy and find out all these questions and more.


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