Laney was a woman on the run. Her ex-husband, who just happened to be a cop, had a penchant for violence and, after Laney took their daughter and ran, he had a promise for revenge. She’d made a new life with a new name and had plans to stay hidden forever, but even the best laid plans go wrong… Forced to rush her daughter to the hospital Laney’s location is revealed. 

Laney had vowed to never seek help from a man again, until Riser’s 200 pounds of packed muscle made her his own personal mission. He vowed to protect her and her daughter from her ex, but could she trust him with their lives when she’d been burned so badly in the past? 

Riser Malone was an admitted adrenaline junkie whose distraction on a crucial mission last year had resulted in complete failure of his objective: protect the girl. Unable to face his failure, Riser accepted every mission put before him, but a lull in the terrorist tempo left him with too much time on his hands back home. He needed a distraction, and he needed it badly. 

And that distraction showed up in the form of Laney and her daughter. 

With an abusive ex bearing down on her, Riser saw his second chance at redemption. And after one night with her, Riser knew his bachelorhood was over, but if he ever had any hope for a relationship with Laney in the future, he’d have to make sure her abusive ex-husband would never harm her again. 

***previously released as Risers Resolve novella in Kindle World



Great story! Guilt is holding Riser Mallon in a vice, he must find a way to redeem himself before he can truly move on with his life.  Laney Browder is hiding with her daughter Lily from her abusive husband who just so happens to be a dirty cop but still a cop.  After first abuse she went to her husbands’ partner and told him about it, the partner said, that’s just the way it was that Mark had a stressful job and she needed to let him relieve his stress on her. So, Laney has been hiding off the grid working for cash at a bar and doing everything with cash, no credit cards, nothing just to be safe and keep her daughter safe.

Lily gets sick and Laney takes her to the ER a couple of towns away from where she lives.  The ER doctor is trying to get them to leave because she doesn’t have insurance.  That’s when Riser Mallon steps up to start his white knight role, he talks to the director and suddenly Lily is being taken back to be checked. Riser’s in the ER because he was out with his buddies and they were in a bar fight and he was stabbed in the side. Angry because the hospital was going to try to turn away a very sick little girl, he makes sure she is taken care of especially when she is taken to emergency surgery for an appendicitis.

Riser inadvertently provides the ER with Laney’s information, not knowing that she was on the run from her ex.  And drama begins, the ER staff notify the police that they have a possible kidnapper and victim in the ER and that’s when Laney tells Riser about her ex, Mark Browder abused her and she took it until it looked like he was going after her daughter, then she took Lily and ran.  Mark being a cop found her once and beat her badly, Laney finally escaped him.  Mark put a kidnapping warrant out for her, so he can find her if something like this were to happen.  If her ex finds her, he’ll kill her. 

Riser feeling horrible about outing her, helps her escape the police that are now at the hospital searching for her.  With the help of their local sheriff, Bo Lawson a by the books lawman who hates dirty cops and anyone who abuses their wife and or kids.

With a call from the hospital telling Laney that Lily is in a serious situation and they need her back at the hospital, she doesn’t think twice about it she leaves Riser sleeping, takes his truck an heads for the hospital, she knows it probably a trap but when the nurse says her daughter could die, she races to the hospital without a second thought.  Riser wakes up when he hears his truck start up and knows something is wrong, that someone must have contacted Laney and she’s headed back to the hospital.  Riser calls Aaron Speirs from his team Task Force Scorpion (TF-S), a branch of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) based out of Ft. Grenada, MS, Aaron jumped at the chance to teach a lesson to an abuser, so Riser directed him to head to the hospital to keep an eye on Mark and to help protect Laney when she gets there,  he’s on his way.

Laney gets to the hospital and Mark grabs her and beats her in the parking lot and throws her in his car and takes off he plans on punishing her and tells her all about it.  Laney is on the verge of being unconscious, when Mark say’s that he will just have to take his stress out on Lily, she attacks him from the back seat of the SUV clawing at him, there is nothing like a woman protecting her child!  They crash and as they do Riser comes upon them and pulls Laney out of the crumpled SUV, he wants nothing more than to kill Mark for what he has just done to Laney, her face and body show the signs of the beating Mark gave her.

Laney must talk Riser down from this rage or she knows that she will lose what they have just found with each other.

Mark is sent to prison not only for his abuse of his wife but for selling drugs on the side of his police job, he’s getting 20+ years.  Laney and Lily move in with Riser who is still her white knight but the love of her life.  Lily loves and adores him and he does her also.

Great read, the issue with the hospital bothered me, everyone should receive medical are regardless if they can pay for it now or not, also the abuse from a cop on his wife and kids makes me very angry, the police should be held to a higher standard and monitored so that we can all be safe from the dirty cops out there.


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