Hard, inked, completely untamed.

The two newest alphas on the mountain have their eyes on one lucky lady.

But double the outlaw means double the trouble,

And she’s about to find herself caught between a rock and a very hard place…

Our demons almost destroyed us once. Chased by our sins, our past, and the mob, Blackthorn Mountain was a clean start. A place we could start over, open our tattoo shop, and ignore the rest of the world.

It’s a great plan, except for one little detail: we never expected to find her up on the mountain.

Gorgeous, sassy, innocent, and tempting in that way where she doesn’t even know it. We know two outlaws like us should stay away from Kennedy McKinnon. We know those sweet curves and soft, pouty lips are off limits. But when one night of mayhem brings us crashing into her, there’s not a power on earth that could keep us from her and from claiming what’s ours.

The ghosts of our past aren’t through with us though. There’s a sociopath of a mob prick looking to take us down and hurt everything we love.

But that is not going to happen. Because what’s our is ours. Ours to protect, ours to share. And we’ll fight like hell to keep her safe.

Kennedy’s worried about coming between us. She has no idea that’s our goal. She’s worried about having to choose one of us.

…She’s not going to have to.

Please note that the Blackthorn Mountain Men books can be read in any order.

Hold on tight! Double the outlaw seems to have turned into double the book length for this one! Get ready for the longest Blackthorn book yet – stuffed, packed, and filled to the brim with more growly alpha outlaw than you ever saw coming ;).

This mfm romance is ALL about her – no m/m. As with all my books, this standalone is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.



Kennedy McKinnon is a gorgeous, sassy woman who followed her sister Jackie and Niece Brooke, who were running from an abusive ex to the town of Blackthorn and decided to stay and open a veterinary clinic.  Kennedy like her sister was escaping her own rough ex who was abusive and stole medications from her old job.

Shortly after Kennedy arrived in Blackthorn so did Landon Jacobs and Caleb Rawlins the two temptations in her life.  Landon and Caleb know Stone, her sister Jackie’s new man and owner of the garage down the street from her clinic.  Landon and Caleb opened their own business, a tattoo parlor, Outlaw Ink.

it’s been a little over a year that they’ve all been in Blackthorn when danger comes after Landon and Caleb, their past is coming after them and is trying to kill them. Caleb is shot in the side and since they can’t involve the police, Landon takes him to Kennedy’s vet clinic.  Couple of days later as Kennedy is getting some water after spending the night with both guys, someone scares her and Landon tackles the guy and can’t stop hitting him, all his rage has been bottled up for years and now it’s coming out.  After Caleb and Kennedy pull him off the intruder Bullets start flying through their windows, destroying their kitchen, the guys put their bodies over Kennedy’s too protect her.   Landon and Caleb know that Harry “Shotgun” Shaunessy has finally found them. How are they going to get out of this without leaving Kennedy?  How are they going to protect Kennedy?  Will Kennedy realize that being with them is the right thing for her?  Does it matter what other people think or say about her, Landon and Caleb’s relationship?

It’s an adventure from the first page through to the last, with some steamy scenes right out of every women’s fantasies.  Great characters, steamy and exciting story set in the remote mountains with some laughs thrown in.  Great read, thank you Madison Faye!  Looking forward to the next book in the series to come out in March, Her Savage Mountain Daddy.


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Claiming His Mountain Bride

His Captive Mountain Virgin

Her Mountain Baby Daddies

His Big Mountain Axe

His Hard Mountain Wood

Her Rough Mountain Outlaw

Unwrapping His Mountain Package


Her Savage Mountain Daddy (March 2019)

Than you and Happy Reading!

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