For ten years Sophie has held on to her memories of Deputy Carter Lang and resigned herself to never seeing him again; after all she had disappeared without a trace.
Some people are unforgettable.
Like, the first sheriff that pulled you over for speeding.
The first person to kiss you senseless on the hood of a car.
And, the first guy to make you…
But, when all of those things are from the same man; let’s just say unforgettable doesn’t even come close.

Sophie wonders if he ever thought of her and everything they ALMOST had?
Because now she is headed back to where it all began.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out.
And Sophie learns that Carter definitely remembers and he’s prepared to put his money where his mouth is…



Great second book in the series, love all the characters especially when they are together causing trouble in the best possible way.  Stella and Ringo are hilarious, I just love them!

Almost is about Sophia Kostas and Carter Lang who met when Sophie was speeding and Carter stopped her to give her a warning, she was only 17 to his 20.  He would pull her over to talk every time he saw her driving by, they kept it completely platonic since Sophie was not yet 18.  On her birthday that changed, he gave her a present and her first orgasm.  Sophie just found out she had breast cancer and without letting anyone, except her Mom and her best friend Leo know about her diagnosis, she headed to California to deal with it on her own.

Ten years later Sophie is moving back to Florida, back home to her family the Christakos’, Leo and her Mom.  Sophie is in remission but due to the treatments used she can no longer have children of her own.  She loves kids and to compensate for the loss of never having her own she writes children’s books and she is good at it.  Sophie and Leo hang out and she is introduced to Ariel who is engaged to her cousin Kayson, Stella and Piper.  She doesn’t know that Stella is Carter’s sister.  They are at Sixes a bar where the Iron Orchids hang out, an all-female riding club.  Carter walks in and 10 years seems like only a day for Sophie, but for Carter it’s all the pain and heartbreak of not knowing what happened it her and the longing for the love he holds for her.  He’s rude and says some mean things to her.

The Orange County Sherriff’s Department was having a gala to raise money for the spouses of fallen officers and Ariel convinced Sophie to be auctioned off for a dinner date with her.  Carter won the dinner date and they agreed to start fresh, leaving the hurt behind and get to know each other again.  Next think we know it’s been over a week and things are going great.

Then a drunken mistake Carter made six years ago in Las Vegas throws them apart, Carter met a woman named Ivey who was from Florida, they spent ten days drunk and having wild nights together, on the night before they were to fly back to Florida, they reenacted parts of the movie “The Hangover”, disrupted a wedding at a wedding chapel then they decided to have fun and get married they were really drunk.  They went their separate ways until Carter got a phone call to get to the hospital there was an emergency.  He and Sophie get to ORMC and they find out that Carter’s wife died after giving birth to a premature baby after she and her daughters were brought in from a car accident.  Before they can find out anything Sophie leaves after hearing that Carter was married.  Stella is there with him when he meets his daughter Harlow, who looks like a mini Stella and her sister Gianna.  Carter met with Tristan in the pediatric ICU to see the baby that was just born, who he names Avril Stella.  Even though he’s not Gianna and Avril’s biological father he is listed on their birth certificates and Ivey just knowing Carter for 10 days knew that he was a protector at heart and would take care of all her girls if anything happened to her.

If Sophie want’s Carter he is now a package deal, him and the three girls and of course he named the baby the name that she said she would have given her own daughter if she was able to have children.  With the help of friends and the large Greek Christakos family Carter and Sophie get their own happily ever after Greek style of course.

Next up for me is Impact, Damon and Katy’s story and of course we get to see little Bee, who is Katy’s daughter again, remember her from her visits with Carter watching the clouds at the rec center.  Bee becomes best friends with Harlow and Gianna.  Can’t wait.


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Than you and Happy Reading!

Michele J