For Ariel Beaumont there were some things in life that were inevitable. Like death, taxes, and lying, cheating men. 
She believed that one woman would never be enough for one man.
So she traded in men for a Harley. 
She soon discovered that nothing beats that kind of power between your legs.
But then she blinked and he was there. 
For Kayson Christakos some things in life had become inevitable; like death, taxes, and badge bunnies willing to hop into his bed.
The only problem was he was a one-woman kind of man; he just hadn’t found that one woman…yet.
As a deputy, in his line of work, he’d seen it all.
Nothing much bothers him until he finds a woman’s wrecked body.
When she blinked her gorgeous green eyes his world was changed.
Forever won’t come close to giving him enough of her.


This is the first book I read of Danielle’s and I was hoping for an entertaining read and that’s exactly what I got plus I got more!  Great characters, funny twists, love the Greek family unit and how close everyone is. 

At first sight Kayson Christakos is head over heals, for Ariel Beaumont after rescuing her from an attack, he’s an off-duty motorcycle deputy with the Orange County sheriff’s department, picking up a Mother’s Day gift for his mom, when he was walking out of the mall her heard someone screaming for help and her finds Ariel and chases away her attackers.

Ariel loves riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle and was practicing riding it around the parking lot at the Mall of Millenia in Orlando, when two guys come right after her, they scare her and end up hurting her, she ends up in the ORMC getting stitches in her lip and forehead.  She can’t figure out who would want to hurt her.  Ariel’s friend Stella is a nurse at the ORMC and happens to be her nurse.  She met Stella at the Harley Davidson Dealer they are both taking the training to get their motorcycle licenses.

Three months after the attack Stella takes Ariel to an event put on by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, she meets Leo a mechanic at the Harley place and Piper who is a trying to become a motorcycle deputy.  They are talking Harley’s and checking out all the men, and discussing starting an all-women’s riding club.  Kayson, and his brother’s Damon, Ian, Tristan and Carter who is Stella’s brother and a motorcycle deputy with Kayson are also at the event and after three months Kayson was still attracted to Ariel, he hopes she’s single now, because when he went to visit her three months ago it looked like she was with someone as a man was hugging her and calling her sweetheart when he was going to walk into her hospital room, he stopped and left not wanting to cause any problems. Ariel finally meets Kayson at the event, she was disappointed when he did not come by the hospital to see her like his doctor brother Tristan said he would, but now here he is and he’s HOT!

Kayson tries to take Ariel out for a date but when they are sitting at the restaurant, he gets a call that he must into work.  He doesn’t want to leave but its work and being a deputy is important.  Ariel ends up at Sixes with Stella and Leo.  Doing shots and bad-mouthing men, Piper shows up and tells her that Kayson really was at the sheriff’s office, but with the alcohol the damage has been done to her ego and heart. After several shots they come up with the name of their riding group “Iron Orchids”.  Kayson shows up at the bar and end up driving her home and taking care of her drunkenness.  Kayson wins her back with this thoughtfulness, kindness and him being sex on a stick doesn’t hurt.

With some trouble that’s following Ariel and the crazy things Ariel, Stella, Leo, Piper got into this is a page-turning.  Kayson is amazing and so sexy with his need to protect and love Ariel

I absolutely L-O-V-E and I do mean I love Ringo and the entire Banana’s drag show is hilarious, I absolutely love all the characters in this book, minus the badge bunnies but not everyone is good or nice all the time.

Thank you, Danielle, for brings the Iron Orchids to life and doing it in such an amazing way.  Looking forward to Almost: Iron Orchid’s Book #2, Carter and Sophie’s story.  Sophie is Kayson’s cousin so look forward to more Christakos’ in “Almost”.


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Almost – Iron Orchids Book #2 this is Sophie and Carter’s story

Impact – Iron Orchids Book #3 Katy and Damon’s story

Often – Iron Orchids Book #4 Leo and Ian’s story

Until – Iron Orchids Book #5 Stella and Tristan’s story

Than you and Happy Reading!

Michele J