Describe Jake Hopkins in two words?
Boozing womanizer.
So, maybe he solved cases with a precision not seen since AgathaChristie’s Hercule Poirot. It didn’t matter. The guy was a grade A prick.
And killing him was the best decision I ever made—until it wasn’t.
It was supposed to be a good move for me—a way of showing that I wasn’t one to back down.
I never imagined it would cause such a visceral reaction…among my readers.
I didn’t get it. He was barely tolerable most of the time and his death opened the door for a new detective—maybe one who had her act together.
I never would’ve guessed that he’d show up on my doorstep, begging for a second chance, or that he’d look even better than I ever imagined. Characters die and everyone moves on—that’s the way it works. Sometimes it’s even necessary for the story to progress.
When the hate mail gives way to something more sinister, Jake insists that he’s just the man to handle the case. He vows to keep me safe in exchange for his life.
The problem isn’t resurrecting him.
No, my problem is much worse.
How do I stop myself from falling in love with a fictional character?


This is the first book I’ve read by Shannon Myers, and it did not disappoint. The characters are witty and funny. The story had a few twists and they played out really well.
Hayden Michael’s is a writer, a cat lover, enter her cat Bootsy whom she spoils. She’s worried about everyone else’s feelings and will even fib to not hurt someone’s feelings. Her family emotionally beat her down, her writing is not a real job, be more successful like your brother, etc. She’s written around six or so books and five of them sold like crazy, the sixth One in a he Chamber, well not so much. She killed off her main character Detective Jake Hopkins in a “Jake Hopkins Mystery” so where does the series go from there? Her fans are not happy with her choice and the agent she was trying to get told her no due to her killing off the main character in the series. Career suicide.

Jake Hopkins was a fictional character in Hayden Michael’s last three books, until Hayden had him pushed from a 30-story patio. Jake is now knocking on her door to get her to bring him back into his story.

Some things start to happen around Hayden, a brick thrown at her window, attempted poisoning via weed in a cup cake, which Jake ate even though it was meant for Hayden, someone is trying to scare Hayden into doing something and Jake is going to protect get until she gets him written back into his own story.

The attraction between Hayden and Jake is smoldering, it’s a love hate kind of thing or more to the point they hate to love each other. Jake is having feelings for Hayden and Hayden is head over toes in love with Jake. And everyone loves Bootsy, Hayden’s cat, who a friend of Jake’s, Max introduced Bootsy to Bob Ross Painting Videos seems the cat has not been the same since, she’s so calm now.

Can fiction and reality live together? It’s worth getting a copy of this book to find out.


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Michele J