What happens when enough becomes enough?
I’ve loved Rose for a decade and a half.
I’ve waited patiently for her to love me back.
I’ve played her games and watched as she meddled in everyone’s life.
But when she tried to fix me up with someone- she went too far.
The games will end. It’s time to take what I want,
And I want Rose.
Danny has always been there to lean on.
But friends is all we can be.
I’ve been hurt too much in the past to trust anyone with my heart now.
Some women don’t have prince charmings.
The glass slipper doesn’t always fit,
And fairy godmothers do not exist.
But then he saves me, and we get stuck on a mountain.
Confronted with my feelings, I see there is nowhere to run.
A blizzard rages outside as a hurricane breaks within me.
What do I do when I start to fall in love with my best friend?
What should I do when I know he deserves more?
A friendship that has stood the test of time, a record-breaking blizzard, and news that will rock a small town to its very core. What can they do when their rock begins to crumble?


Rose Callahan is packed and heads back home to Springvale, Utah after catching her fiance in bed with another woman. Ophelia, Rose’s grandma and Madeline, her Mom live at and run the Twin Peaks Inn. The Callahan’s have lived at the Twin Peaks for many generations. Rose feeling the anger and hurt over the cheating idiot, she vows to swear off men, no love period. Rose helps her Mom and Grandma in the running of the Inn.

Danny Benson graduated high school and had been saving money to pay for college, he gets a job to help around the Inn, fixing things, running errands, decided to put off college for another year to keep working at the Inn to get money saved up for tuition, when his Mom got sick, he’d was working to take care of them both.

Fifteen years later and Rose is still swearing of men and pushing love away, but Danny’s about had all he can with her pushing him away. He’s loved her since the second he saw her fifteen years ago, they are best friends and she’s always competing against him in everything. Rose uses the fact that she’s 10 years older than him keep him at a distance for romance. He’s done waiting and their ages don’t matter to Danny and they shouldn’t matter to Rose. With some twists in the story, Danny starts to breakdown Rose’s walls she’s put up. Rose is slowly coming around to loving Danny when another twist tries to get in their way. Danny is not letting Rose deal with things alone, no matter if they are lovers or still just friends, he’ll never not be there for her. Finally realizing that Danny loves her, but he’s “In Love” with her and she’s completely in love with him.

Danny was patient for over fifteen years, waiting for Rose to love and really live again. Bring patient is what love is all about.


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