I DARE YOU TO MARRY ME … Three years ago, on a dare, I “married” my best friend’s sister and the next day my best friend died. Maggie Mae is back in town and she wants a divorce. Thing is, we’re not really married.
At least, I didn’t think we were…

Remember that guy in high school every girl wanted
Well, that sexy bastard was my brother’s best friend
With a mouth that always knew exactly what to say and a body that wouldn’t quit
Crash Kane was pure perfection
Perfect until he was almost mine

Remember that girl in high school every guy wanted
Maggie Mae was NOT that girl
While she wasn’t every guy’s dream
She was mine
She was also my best friend’s sister
And, like most guys, I knew the rules

Lost dreams, broken hearts and abandoned love. Sometimes, you’re going so fast that you don’t feel the CRASH.


This is such a good book.  There are lies we tell to protect the ones we care about the most, our families, friends, the love of our life.  Protection of a best friend and brother almost costs two people who were made for each other to lose each other forever.

Crash Kane has been picking himself up from the devastation of his best friend’s death while racing a NASCAR.  Crash was banned from driving after Josh was killed in an accident while driving at a NASCAR race. Crash is trying to pull its life back together, he’s opened a garage and works on cars with his now only friend Jaggs, she’s a real tough woman who takes no trouble from anyone. 

Maggie Mae is Josh’s half little sister and she’s been in love with Crash since she was 12 years old.  She’s a real handful.  Crash has loved her for as long as he can remember, but you don’t go after your best friend’s little sister! One drunken night in Las Vegas Crash and Maggie got married, that same night Josh died in the racing accident.  With the devastating phone call telling them that Josh is gone they blame themselves for the accident and split ways. 

Three years later Maggie’s back and she’s asking Crash for a divorce.  Why now?  Does she not love him any more?  Is she with someone else? Find out why and all the other secrets that Maggie and Crash are keeping not only from each other but from everyone else.

Great continuation in the Daring the Kane Brothers Series.


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Steele: Daring the Kane Brothers Book #2

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