I am a Vor. You don’t mess with my family. Yet someone thought it would be a good idea to try. When my cousin goes missing, I move into action. When I get her back, I also get a little red head too. I didn’t plan on falling for her. I didn’t plan on keeping her, yet I do for my own selfish reasons. Once I learn who she truly is our dance of deceit and lies comes back full circle. Now I will keep her. Not as a lover but as a prisoner.


This is a dark romance/mafia romance that has some seriously dark scenes. I enjoyed the story and can’t wait for the next in the next book in the trilogy to come out.

Alexei Pavlov runs the Underground Gentleman’s Club, that’s a nude strip club and he is the Vor or a boss in his Russian organization in the Syndicate. He was brought up to be hard, viscous and unyielding. He was sent away when he was a child to a training camp, where only the strong survive. Fighting to survive, his mother committed suicide prior to being sent away, she couldn’t handle him being taken from her and being turned into a monster at such a young age. He fought, clawed and killed his way to where he is today, at the top. But he had never known love from anyone, fear definitely, respected of course, friendship somewhat, but he never had anyone show him that they loved him. And his monster grew and craves darkness, pain and blood.

Clara had been taken, drugged, beaten and raped repeatedly and thrown into a cage this is what her life had become. She has company in her own person hell, Alina she is in the cage next to her, Alina cries all the time, I won’t anyone, they took so much from me already that I won’t give them my tears or my words anymore. Then he comes in and buys Alina and Clara, she doesn’t know who he is, just that he has bought her. She’s suppose to wait there for someone but she doesn’t know who. Yes she was sent here on purpose by her father. She was suppose to be safe there but no, she had suffered so much pain, suffering she is about to break.

Alexei rescues his cousin Alina from the hands of the human traffickers and while he’s there he sees Clara and can’t leave her there. He’s obsessed with her red hair, her body, her eyes and her silence, he sees something in her that intrigues him. Clara sees darkness in Alexei and she craves it, she needs the darkness and pain to feel.

For Alexei to care about Clara is more than he can handle, he doesn’t know how to love, or be loved, he can’t. But Clara who is actually Zia Clara O’Kelly, her father is a soldier in the Irish mafia, he has sent Clara to get in with Mr Pavlov and to kill him. Can Clara follow through once she finds out that Alexei is Mr Pavlov and is her target? Can Alexei get over the supposed deception from Clara? Can he control his monster/darkness or will he set it free?

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