Former Delta turned FBI Tactical Commander Rafael Saber doesn’t know how to be anything but the cliché military player with women just waiting for him to show up. New is never easy, but Michelle is, for about 3 days.
When Saber is put in his place by one woman, another finds his charm and panty-dropping smile worth the risk. Assistant DA, Cassidy knows she’s worth more than a Delta Groupie title and makes Saber work for it.
Jump into the world of adventure and laugh out loud situations that keep Rafael and Cassidy’s life interesting. The Providence FBI Ops Field Office is waiting for you.


I absolutely love this book! L. Ann Marie has expanded from The Baxter’s Series, The MC Series, Princess of Prophecy Series and the Protector Series into a new series that will visit some of our friends from the other series.

This series is about a new type of FBI Office, running similar to military tactical offices. Hostage Negotiations, Gang Problems Kidnappings, Human Trafficking riot control are just a few of the areas this new office does, that’s just it in the fields. They also do cybersecurity an entire division of cyber investigators to do the research, back up, getting warrants. It’s a brand new office!

Rafael Saber is the new FBI Enhanced Special Agent in Charge of the Enhanced Resident Office Providence (EROP), reassigned Delta Commander due to military mismanagement of personal, and funds. He’s wanting to maybe set some roots. Rafael pretty much lived out of his suitcases during his military career, easier to move when the job required. No roots when he’s always out on jobs.

Cassidy Warner is an Assistant District Attorney and owns a bar. She’s sassy and smart with a wicked eye for clothes and she’s beautiful. Cassidy is funny and warm always looking out for everyone else. Myrna Lecompte is Cassidy’s mother, she helps out working during the day at the bar while Cassidy is doing her ADA job.

Rafael comes into Cassidy’s bar after getting dumped by his current hook up Michelle, she looking for a future he’s looking for some fun right now. He gets told that he’s that old clichéd about a Latin Lover, woman at every base, not settling down, love them and leave them kind of guy, no strings. He’s thinking about all this as he goes into Cassidy’s bar to have a beer and relax. Cassidy walks over to him and tells him he is too serious to be in a bar. And that’s it, they clicked, eyes met they new the other was special. They talked and laughed, getting to know each other. No hook up, too Rafael she’s something special.

With some very funny twists along the way from the Golden Girls (Myrna and Stella) Rafael and Cassidy find each other and with an unknown threat chasing after Cassidy, and the current DA passing a high profile case to Cassidy the weekend before the trial starts the trouble. With Rafael running the new office and trying to protect Cassidy it’s an adventure you will love to read about and laugh out loud at some of the things that happen.

This book has a list of unforgettable characters from Harper Lecompte, Cassidy’s sister and Myrna’s second daughter, Harper works for the new EROP Unit as a Forensics/ME for Wheeler’s (Porthos) team, she was also Military Forensics/ME from FBI in DC. Myrna Lecompte is Cassidy and Harper’s mom, she is affectionately referred to as one of the golden girls and she works at Cassidy’s bar during the day also makes a mean brownie, Stella is Parker’s mom and Myrna’s best friend, is also a golden girl and she’s a little to hands on for Rafael, she’s grabbed his butt one too many times. Stella’s son Parker is the Office clerk in DA’s office with Cassidy. Donna is Cassidy’s best friend and adopted daughter of Myrna’s, Donna is also a Corporate Lawyer. Mrs. Saber is Rafael’s mom, she’s also new friends with Myrna and Stella and the third golden girl, and she’s just as outspoken and crazy as Myrna and Stella. Dallas Perez is an On-site Commander of the Investigator team, Personnel agent for EROP office. Dallas was Assistant SAC for NY FBI field office, and was a top level prosecutor in New York. Hamp Ford was in the SEALs, he is now On-Site Commander of Aramis Ops team. Joshua Wheeler is another On-Site Commander of Porthos Ops team and he’s from the Green Berets. That’s just a few of the many lively characters you will read about in this book, that’s not including the Ops team members nor the investigators team or the staff that runs the EROP office plus more in the upcoming books in this series.


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