She’s searching for justice. He’s searching for peace.
What they need is each other. They just don’t know it yet…

Dean “Wolf” Garner is the kind of guy who loves hard and leaves fast. From the moment he rescues reporter Haylee Jamison in the Guatemalan jungle, he can’t stop thinking about the dark-haired beauty. His life is too complicated for romantic entanglements though—and not even a woman like Haylee can convince him otherwise.

Haylee wasn’t supposed to be in the drug cartel’s compound, but she was captured while on a mission of her own: find the trail of fake opioids entering the US and halt the operation. Back home in DC, Haylee can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous military operative who rocked her world for one steamy night before leaving. But when she uncovers a conspiracy and finds herself in danger, there’s only one man she trusts to keep her safe.

It’s easy for Wolf to risk his life to protect Haylee and give her the justice she desires. The hard part is taking a chance and admitting what’s in his heart before it’s too late.

Before he loses the best thing that’s ever happened to him.


Dean Garner aka Wolf is just trying to do his job as a member of the HOT, Hostile Operations Team, and helping his parents financially, so they can gain custody of his niece and nephew while his sister is battling her opioid addiction from when she broke her back, barrel racing. It’s what he does, helps. 

Haylee Jamison lost Nichole, her best friend when she ODed on fake opioids, drugs made by a Mexican cartel and shipped to the US and given to people who are desperate to relieve their pain.   Haylee was in Guatemala to do research on the Juarez Cartel when she was kidnapped with some dentists doing missionary work.  Wolf and his team go in and rescue them. When they get back to the US base in El Salvador, Wolf’s team is stuck there due to weather and the team spends time in a common room with the dental group and Haylee. Since Haylee first saw Wolf there had been an electrical attraction between them.  They eat some pizza, drink some beer, laugh, talk and end up playing some pool.  They like each other and one thing leads to another and Haylee has her first one-night stand with Wolf. They part ways the next morning.

Running into each other several months later, Haylee is angry that Wolf seems to think after no contact for two months that he can still tell her what to do, he’s trying to keep her safe, again it’s what he does.  But the more time that goes by the more he realizes there is something more going on between him and Haylee. He has never wanted a woman so bad and yet he wants to keep her at a distance to protect his own heart.

Things get HOT, and not just with the team, Haylee and Wolf explode into a hot and heavy romance, after on of Oscar Silva’s men pays her a visit at her home, he knows to much about Haylee’s kidnapping and rescue and she’s scared.

This book took me on an adventure through the jungles of Guatemala and the streets and back rooms of D.C.  I loved every second of it.  And I didn’t see that final twist coming.  LOVED this book!

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