Lila Monroe has been added to my favorite authors list!

I loved this book, have you ever seen someone at a party and just felt an instant attraction, smoldering, hot but when you go to talk to him or her you can’t even remember your name? Me too! And in this time of technology I’m sure that we have all talked to or chatted with some faceless, anonymous screen name. Have you ever wanted to meet them in real life? What if the pen-pal, chat buddy that you open-up to and drop your guard is your rival? Things get interesting!

Zoey Rafferty has a food truck called the Little Red Wagon (cute name by the way), she went to culinary school but she’s working building her reputation mixing up amazing brunch items, waffle cones with tasty breakfast items inside.  She is on top of the brunch food truck charts, until the Breakfast Bandit food truck start stealing her customers and infringing on her food truck locations.

Cam Newsom owns the Breakfast Bandit food truck, he never backs down from fight and loves not following the proverbial rules and he figures let the best chef win.  Cam is looking for looking for a woman he can connect with, share their ambitions and cook not only in the kitchen but the bedroom as well.

Competition heats up for Zoey and Cam with the local FoodFest competition and their relationship.  Who wins the competition? Will both their hearts handle one winning and the other losing?

Goodreads Review: ff

Find out, click on the picture above it will take you to a link to get your copy of You’ve Got Male from Amazon.  I seriously recommend this book for the humor, the twists, the reference to chick flicks, recipe ideas and the undeniable friendship between Gemma, Zoey and Eve. 

Also pick up your own copy of How to Choose A Guy in 10 Days: Chick Flick Club Book #1, Gemma and Zacks story. Click on the picture of the book cover below.