I’m a huge fan of L. Ann Marie. So when this new series came out I jumped on it. And as always it did not disappoint.


Moody Vsmpire-Wizard Valdus Drujec has met his match. Quinn is the sweet bubbly human that turns his head and captures his 900 year old heart. With the City overrun by shifts, unethical witches, ferals and a bullet gang that traffics women and kids. The OWO seems in a reluctant cavalry.


The Other World Order or OWO is a group of “Others” vampires, shifters, witches, wizards, ghosts who police their own, other shifter packs, witch / wizard covens, rough vampires who either bring harm to humans and or others. The OWO is having problems in a desert area of New Mexico in the US and they send Prince Valdus Drujec and his crew of OWO Officers, Jedrek is a bear shifter and is Second to Valdus, an Enforcer, Jedediah a lion shifter and Enforcer, Invidar a bear shifter and Enforcer, Barrett a tiger shifter, Karamat a white dragon shifter elemental, Jovan was made by Prince Drujec an Enforcer, is a 500 year old Vampire/Wizard who is also a Templar Knight. Three witches who are OWO Officers and who everyone refers to as the triplets, Petunia is the Lead Coven Witch, Posy an elemental witch and Poppy is a seer and medical for the crew and is an elemental witch and Ekon is the Prince’s personnel assistant and he’s a ghost. With several other’s threat are new to the Crew such is Sage who is working with the Triplets to get control of her powers.

Quinn is an owner of a bar and is on the City Council, she’s trying to clean up her City, ground, air and water pollution are huge areas that need help and Quinn is trying to make permanent changes. Cleaning the toxins out of the water so the would be no need to buy it and everyone needs it to survive.

Quinn with her pure heart and the Prince who has seen over 900 years of heart break meet and the attraction between them is powerful.

Find out what’s happening at OWO Headquarters, read all the twists in this amazing paranormal adventure.

Please get this first book in the Other World Series by L. Ann Marie, The Prince’s Reward you won’t be disappointed.

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Thank you and Happy Reading!