Whatever you wanted to call it, Macy Caldwell was mine.
She had a chance to get out of this town, but she refused to take it.
She was going to give up everything for me.
I wasn’t worth that kind of sacrifice.
In order to save her, I had to break her.

The night Nash Masters broke my heart was the catalyst for the ruin that came after.
All these years later, he was fighting for my forgiveness.
He had no idea I was the one who needed his.
The truth didn’t always set you free.
They said love conquered all, but this was war.
And everything worth having was worth fighting for.


K. Street has written an amazing book!  Raw. Beautiful. Emotional. I could not put this book down. Amazing twists from the first page to the last. Loving someone enough to let them go or pushing them away is hard and praying that they come back to you and forgive you and time is not always on your side.  But true love is worth fighting for no matter what, we hope.

I laughed, not only at some of the analogies like “Boob Sweat Brigade”, reading this book sent me through most of the main emotions; sad, happy, angry, fear, surprise contempt, shame, guilt and disgust. I was thoroughly wrung out by he time I finished the book. The supporting characters were well thought out and written, I LOVE Tucker’s daughter Shayne, she is one sassy, confident kid and what she says most of the time was priceless .

Get this book and read it, it’s a must. 5 out of 5 stars! Click on the picture above to be taken to a link so you can pick up your own copy on Amazon Kindle.

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Thank you and Enjoy Reading!