Sufferance: Chicago Defiance MC Series Book #4 by K.E. Osborn

My Thoughts:

Sufferance is book 4 in the Chicago Defiance MC Series, it’s a solid story, amazing characters and like all KE Osborn books has great plot twists.

Tremor is a prospect in the Defiance MC, Neala is the MC Princess her brothers are the President and Vice-President of the MC. The chemistry has been there since book 1, Resistance, when Neala was almost kidnapped by the Andrettis, Tremor saved her and was injured in the process. They’ve come along way in the 2 years since then. Torque, Neala’s brother and Pres. of the MC wants to keep Tremor and Neala apart. But you can’t help who your attracted to or whom you love.

Sufference has the entire MC cast making appearances and the strong Old Ladies know how to get stuff handled. This book was a great read for me, I loved it.
Thank you KE Osborn for another perfect MC romance, loved the action, the drama, the humor and the love!

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I’ll be in line waiting for the next book in the series Acceptance: The Chicago Defiance MC Series book 5 due out on February 6, 2019!

Thank you and Happy Reading!