Another great read by Jamie Begley! I love her books!

With characters like the Moirae (Fate’s daughters, these 3 sisters guide our lives from birth, through life and into the afterlife) Fate, Destiny, Mother Nature, Chronos, Merlin, Odin and Thor, then through in the humans that may not be entirely human, what a great story.

Cara is one of Fate’s daughters, a powerful Moirae who helps our souls pass into the afterlife, she is attacked with her sisters as they are helping a soul down the corridor of life, the sisters are separated, we don’t know where Cara’s sisters have gone, but Cara was forced into the human realm with no powers and totally human. She meets Jericho, while hiding out in the back of his truck covered in a tarp. Due to years of abuse mentally, as well as physically by his adopted mother, with years of violence, being violated and abuse has turned his once bright soul dark. With no powers and total able to be hurt physically Cara needs Jericho’s help to survive and Jericho gets help that he does not know about from Fate, Mother Nature, Destiny and a werewolf named Rocque. With their help Jericho learns that Cara loves him no matter what and he find out that he can love someone too. With bullets flying and magic being used to try to kill Cara, he keeps her alive. Thor saves them and returns them back to Fate’s palace and Cara’s home, Jericho finds out he is a demigod, so he can stay with Cara forever.

Looking forward to the next book in the series Soul of A Woman: The Dark Souls book 2.

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Thank you and Happy Reading!