KE Osborn has written another fantastic book with the second book in “The Chicago Defiance MC Series”. Sensei/Raiden, the enforcer of The Chicago Defiance MC, family was originally from Japan and moved to the United States prior to his birth. The MC was at war with the Andrettis, the Italian mafia that we first came across in the first book in this series Resistance (see below). Now the Andrettis are working with the MC to bring down not only a threat to the MC but also the city of Chicago, the Ishikawa Yakuza that has been after Sensei’s family his entire life. The leader or the Oyabun of the Yakuza is his birth father, the monster his mother ran away from. Sensei meets Spanner aka Ayla, she’s looking like a supermodel with an edge about her, she’s a mechanic raised by her Dad and lives with her two younger brothers. The chemistry is off the charts between Sensei and Ayla. See what happens when loyalty is tested. Will love conquer all? Find out in this book.

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For those of you who haven’t read Resistance The Chicago Defiance MC book 1, it’s a great start to this series, Torque, president of The Chicago Defiance MC, stuck in a Froyo shop with Heeley the tiny, beautiful, sassy manager/ daughter of the owners of the froyo shop. Sparks fly between Torque and Heeley and trouble is all around them pushing them together. Someone is trying to push the MC out of their business’s and using others to do it. Who’s really after them? Pick up the book to find out, click on the picture and it will take you to a page where you can pick up your copy from Amazon.

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