I’m not a professional reviewer, I love to read and I want to share what I read with others. I hope you enjoy this book.

This is the first book I’ve read by Kate O’Keeffe, from the reviews I was excited to see how the story was.

It was funny, cute and totally relatable. How many guys have you dated trying to be who you thought you needed to be for them to like you? Me too many to count, so I could relate to Cassie (the female lead of this story) trying to cook a perfect meal, she can’t cook ordered a meal to pass as your own and learning a sport or even not yourself, laughing at jokes that aren’t funny or just pretending. And the blurting out “I love you” first, I’m still embarrassed about that one time, we don’t ever talk about it, it’s in the embarrassment vault.

When you’re chasing after that you think you want, what you need is right in front of you the whole time. Love the dynamics between Cassie, Parker and Will. Have to read the book to find out for yourself, no cheating.

I picked up the book on my Kindle Unlimited and will be reading the second in the series in a few. I’m hooked on the humor of Kate O’Keeffe and her ability to pull you into the story.

Thank you and enjoy your reading!